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International Seminar of Art and Thought
Santa Libera - 2013

To decide to walk towards the road to the Wood. A way to return to one’s true and absolute self, that we are losing in the folds of  living the world of others.
In search of the myth, of what is sacred, unique, universal, and that is hidden in the Wood of our soul. To listen to the voice, the song, the shout, the cry of one’s own collective and personal unconscious. 
The voices of the Wood. A listening made of action, mental, physical, psychic, at any times. To get closer to the Wood. That Wood that has the ancient wisdom of things. Rebellion not “against”, but “for”. For something that is one’s own. Here and now, always. Rebellion as a sacred way of life. The rebel walks, between thought and feeling, between Art and Reality, by entering and going through the depths of Nature, the smell of grass, the birds singing, the silence of the stars, discovering the origin of oneself and of the human being, in the sacredness of the Wood, and to decide his fate.

International Seminar of Art and Thought

Center of Human and Artistic Research of Santa Libera  

Piemonte - Italy
First Edition: April 25th - May 4th
Second Edition: June 7th - June 16th
Third Edition: August 30th - September 8th


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