lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Man asks, art answers

To whom to ask? To whom to ask how to face our own loneliness, our missing of sense, our fear? There is a possibility that we probably do not consider, or to which we don’t give real importance, that in fact it has. This possibility is Art.

What is Art? Art is the essence of the souls. And to whom to ask other then to this concentration of souls? Souls of the humanity. The concentration of the greatest souls of the humanity. All the history of humanity. On the shoulders of the giants.
Let’s start to listen to one music of Bach. For sure this music is speaking about our theme. Our personal theme, existential, about our original question.  But in another language…. that we have to let us listen to..
It is possible to imagine ourselves. And, at the same time, to listen to this music, to ask to Art, but Art is already speaking to us, about us. Imagining ourselves in the condition of the artist. To feel his feelings. And to catch that voice that for sure was suffering like us, and that, with his capability to see, is now telling something to us, using his language. And he (the poet) said this to the world…
For the human being in absolute sense… let’s try to listen…. for listening.
First the listening, then the reading of us and inside of us.. Here there is something important that is speaking to me. What is Art? What is Art? It is the greatest soul of humanity. Probably nobody told us what art is. Art: all the souls of mankind. Collected in some human beings, who had an extraordinary sensibility and who were able to express such concentration in their works, in their visions and words.

Probably nobody told us, probably our parents didn’t say to us: “I am sorry, I didn’t know, but I can indicate for you a kind of solution, a kind of medicine, for you, for the life that you will have to face. I am not able. Me too I was not able to ask and find the answers during my life. But I discovered something, and I have to tell you: there is Art. I will die, but you will never be alone, because there is Art!!”
To whom to ask how to live, how to die, if there is a sense, if there is a God?
One day I will die, but Art will stay. It must be your guide.. And maybe that’s why we have a soul. Potentially a kind of container, not only, a kind of factory where is possible to put Art, the raw material for excellence of our spiritual “production” and, consequently, of the quality of our existence. Art that only the soul can catch, listening, looking, feeling the soul of mankind, to put it in our soul.
But we don’t do it. Maybe nobody told us. Nobody taught us.
Painters, musicians, poets, writers, sculptors. We think that Art is in relation only with beauty, in the sense to transmit beauty, an ideal beauty. But there is in Art something else, that is not just beauty in esthetical sense. Beauty which produces pleasure.
Actually Art has inside the history of humankind. History in absolute sense, not just of a specific moment, of a specific kind of people. Art is absolute, by definition.
Maybe too often we are sure of what life is, or even if we are not sure, we behave as we knew. And so we find ourselves immersed into the life, entangled to it, and after we found ourselves speaking about loneliness, emptiness and non-sense.

We have to ask. We are too much sure, too much involved in the life, and we forget to stay in our condition and to ask and to search. To try to listen. In this music there is a vision. There is an absolute vision, but there is also something more specific that we have to be able to listen, as to listen to an old broken tree, that, through its wounds and its new fresh leaves, says something to me.
To say the experience of many centuries of humanity…. Art. With what can we feed our soul thirsty of answers? Our soul has no limits. It can enter, can include, can see all the visions, all the worlds, all the languages, just listening. Listening in silence, like with this music, to listen to what is answering to our conscious and unconscious questions.
Art is not only a kind of consolation, for the sad moments. It is not a beautiful and tender mother, no, it is not this. If it is a real mother, she also slaps me because I am resigned. Art is a cruel mother. But a mother must be also cruel. Cruel in a special way. To reveal to me what reality is, without telling me fairytales.

Listen to Art, ask Art, and you will never be alone. It is not possible to oblige someone to have faith, but maybe it is harder to have faith in God, because we have to keep believing in something that is not visible  in the reality, and sometimes neither so understandable in its designs.
But with Art it is different.
And maybe it’s right Art that can help us in this different relationship with God. Because Art speaks about Absolute, is full of answers, concrete answers, disinterested. In this way I can trust somebody, somebody that is always ready to give to me, to tell me. In any moment I can call him, look at him, listen to him, ask him. Maybe with God it’s less possible, sometimes he looks too busy, he doesn’t answer directly to me. But maybe he does it through Art. Because Art is always present, in books, in paintings, in melodies. And if I ask, even God, Art answers. Always.

(from a presentation at the seminar “Journey of a soul and a poetry”, held by Aletheia in Santa Libera, Piemonte, Italy, September 2012)

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