mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

"One of the times of the secret year"

Theatrical meditation on "Duino Elegies" by R.M. Rilke
by Daniela Damiani

Director: Massimo Giannetti
Assistant to direction: Saverio Fiano

Marco Boni
Work and opera that use the theatrical language to make “visible” Duino Elegies, their words, their images. But they are not just words, are issues, questions and possibilities. All issues that affect us individually in our existential journey, both as participants in this Humanity, so afraid, from one side, in front of reality and the mystery that lies behind it, and on the other side, so longing for a meaning and a place in such reality that we have participated in creating.

How do we ensure that it becomes really familiar?

A person, in a very confined space, passing alone, using gesture and word, the different inner and outer steps of the Elegies, incorporating and expressing, through a real dynamic meditation, all the various phases of this “journey of ‘soul’”. A soul that is also ours. A soul, that perhaps is waiting to be called on the stage of life, to express his boundless vision of the human dimension.

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